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"The local bandit lord is sowing chaos in Naema's name. He must be hunted down and stopped."
A mission unlocked after completing the mission: Tutorial.


  1. A Broken Peace (Recommended Level: 1-3)
  2. Following the Trail (Recommended Level: 3-6)
  3. Fleeing to Greenmist (Recommended Level: 6-9)
  4. Ogres! (Recommended Level: 8-10)
  5. Cornered Prey (Recommended Level: 9-11)


  • Complete the area Ogres! to unlock the gold mine Robber's Hollow (Recommended Level: 8-10).
  • Complete the mission to unlock the 3rd squad slot, which also unlocks the Achievement"Entourage", Bronze level reward.
  • Complete the mission to unlock the Achievement, "Sightseer", Bronze level reward.