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Abilities are special skills or spells a hero can use in battle. Each hero possesses three abilities that enhance the play and strategy of the hero. Abilities cost a certain amount of mana, and the second and third abilities tend to cost more than preceding ones. Each class of hero has a common starting ability, such as 'Steal' for rogues, or 'Capture' for commanders; however, newer heroes and commanders don't always follow this format. Abilities can be leveled up to increase their effectiveness and sometimes reduce the mana cost. Abilities also use a specific damage type that may differ from the basic attack of the hero. This allows heroes to have a diversity of damage types.

Listed below are common abilities organized by class. See Category:Abilities for a listing of all abilities.

Original Commander Abilities

Archer Abilities

Cleric Abilities

Knight Abilities

Rogue Abilities

Warrior Abilities

Wizard Abilities