The Arena becomes available after researching Leadership 2. Battles are staged as Player vs. Player combat, where the opponent is controlled by artificial intelligence. The Find Opponent button spends 1 Arena Energy point and chooses 3 players at random, from which you may choose one to battle or choose to go back and not battle at all, but the arena energy point is spent regardless. The Battle Log button reveals those players that have fought you and the results. It also allows you to spend arena energy points to exact revenge on players who have battled you. Arena energy recharges 1 point/hour, with a max of 3 energy points. An Arena Energy Pack can be purchased from the shop for 60 diamonds to refill all 3 energy points. 
New in version 2.42.64: Revive Potions are now available in PvP, Arena Energy Packs cost 60 diamonds instead of 99.

Winning Streak Rewards

Every 3 wins in a row gives a different reward until the 60th streak win, then the reward pattern repeats, with the next reward being at the 63rd win.
New in version 2.42.64: Winning Streak Rewards have been revamped.
New in October 2016, rewards and arena have been revamped.


Old Old Reward Old Reward New Reward
1 - 250 Coin 250 Coin
3 Minor Healing Potion Mega Battle Token Bronze Rune
6 Bronze Rune 2x Bronze Rune Silver Rune
9 Lesser Healing Potion Arena Energy Pack 1x Commander Summoning Emblem
12 2x Bronze Rune 2x Silver Rune 10% Essence pack
15 2x Lesser Healing Potion Energy Pack Energy Pack
18 3x Bronze Rune 2x Commander Summoning Emblem 1x Commander Summoning Emblem
21 Minor Resurrection Scroll Silver Rune Silver Rune
24 Arena Energy Pack Mega Battle Token 1x Commander Summoning Emblem
27 Healing Potion 3 VIP Points 10% Essence Pack
30 Silver Rune Arena Energy Pack Silver Rune
33 2x Healing Potion 3x Silver Trap 3x Silver Trap
36 2x Silver Rune 5 VIP Points 10% Essence Pack
39 Major Healing Potion Mega Battle Token Silver Rune
42 3x Silver Rune 2x Commander Summoning Emblem 2x Commander Summoning Emblem
45 2x Major Healing Potion 3x Gold Trap 3x Gold Trap
48 Energy Pack 2x Revive Elixir 2x Revive Elixir
51 3x Silver Rune 8 VIP Points 10% Essence Pack
54 25 Diamond Elite Rune Elite Rune
57 Major Resurrection Scroll 100% Essence Refill 5x 10% Essence Refill
60 Elite Rune 4x Commander Summoning Emblem 4x Commander Summoning Emblem
Rewards loop after a 60 win streak.

Honor Title Rewards

Arena honor titles are awarded based on honor score, which increases or decreases based on the stakes given below each choice of opponent.
Honor Score Honor Title                                               Reward          
0 Fledgling Scrapper None
25 Novice Scrapper Bronze Rune
50 Veteran Scrapper Lesser Heal Potion
75 Master Scrapper 2x Bronze Rune
100 Fledgling Bruiser 3x Lesser Heal Potion
200 Novice Bruiser 3x Bronze Rune
300 Veteran Bruiser Minor Resurrection Scroll
400 Master Bruiser Silver Rune
500 Fledgling Brawler Heal Potion
700 Novice Brawler 2x Silver Rune
900 Veteran Brawler 3x Heal Potion
1100 Master Brawler 5x Silver Rune
1300 Fledgling Mercenary 4x Heal Potion
1700 Novice Mercenary 2x Silver Runes
2100 Veteran Mercenary 5x Heal Potion
2500 Master Mercenary 5x Minor Resurrection Scroll
2900 Fledgling Pitfighter 2x Minor Resurrection Scroll
3700 Novice Pitfighter 5x Silver Rune
4500 Veteran Pitfighter 10x Heal Potion
5300 Master Pitfighter 2x Flawless Mithril Amulet of Health
6100 Fledgling Gladiator 5x Major Heal Potion
7700 Novice Gladiator 5x Minor Ressurection Scroll
9300 Veteran Gladiator 10x Major Heal Potion
10900 Master Gladiator 2x Flawless Orichalcum Necklace of the Tower
12500 Fledgling Challenger Pristine Orichalcum Ring of Health
15700 Novice Challenger Flawless Orichalcum Amulet of the Reaver
18900 Veteran Challenger 1x Pristine Orichalcum Trinket Of The Aegis
22100 Master Challenger 3x Flawless Orichalcum Trinket Of The Gambler
25300 Fledgling Contender 1x Pristine Orichalcum Amulet Of Resistance
31700 Novice Contender 1x Elite Rune
38100 Veteran Contender 1x Pristine Orichalcum Ring of Defense
44500 Master Contender 4x Flawless Orichalcum Trinket of Resistance
57300 Fledling Champion ?
70100 Novice Champion ?
? Veteran Champion ?
? Master Champion ?

Weekly Tournament Rewards

Leaderboard Tournament.jpg
The Leaderboard button reveals three tabs:
  • the ranking of the Weekly Tournament, based on honor point gain during the time period;
  • the ranking of Top Players, based on total honor points; and
  • the ranking of Top Guilds, based on total honor points.
Tournament Rank Reward
1st 10,000 Diamond
2nd 5,000 Diamond
3rd 3,000 Diamond
4th - 10th 2,000 Diamond
11th - 20th 1,000 Diamond
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