"The Lunar follow cycles, seasons, ebb and flow. The Lunar are wise to the ways of magic, and they often hold hidden knowledge."

Icon Evolve 1-1.pngCelestial Sage: “Triumph waits in the shadow of the moons.”


The minimum stats at level 1, and the maximum stats at level 100, 150, and 200. The maximum stats differ by the app version. The following stats may be outdated.
Level Power Icon Physical Attack.png Icon Magical Attack.png Icon Physical Defense.png Icon Magical Defense.png Icon Health.png Icon Luck.png Total
1 99 0
100 99 0
150 99 0
200 99 0


Icon Light.pngCapture (lunar)

Ability Capture Lunar.pngMana: 3 - 6
Get a chance to capture an enemy and add them to your army.

Icon Ice.pngDestruction (lunar)

Ability Destruction Lunar.pngMana: 12
Destroy a single enemy.

Icon Ice.pngLunar (ability)

Ability Lunar.pngMana: 15
Channel the power of your domain to strike all enemies.


Icon Evolve 1-1.pngCelestial Sage

  • Research: Summoning section (70 Summoning Emblems)



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