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What do physical attackers use for skills?

Like their regular attacks, the damage for skills are based largely upon their physical attack. This is the same for magical attackers with their skills being based largely upon their magical attack.

What does "+" mean?

The "+" sign indicates that the hero was evolved. So when you evolve a hero, they gain an additional "+" sign.

What's a high enough level when evolving to add some stats but not so high that it will take ages?

Delay this decision until the new content arrives to get a clearer idea. There could be potentially a better hero or the way certain things occur in the game could change. If the player is evolving a legendary, it is much better to consider leveling to Level 100 for the most possibly optimal stat/time boost (+10% stats). Unfortunately, not enough information has been released/found to better understand the leveling curve, and thus it is impossible to determine if it is worth it. We encourage everyone to post screenshots of the stats at level 100.

Why do magicians have physical attack and warriors have magic attack if they don't use it?

Future updates may give the classes more options between using magic or physical attacks, but currently the only purpose is to convey the possible damage if the magician did whack the enemy with its staff or if the warrior did shoot fireballs from his eyes, and lighting bolts from his arse.

Missions and Items

What determines a chest's contents?

The chest's contents are determined by the map. So, lower maps give lower level gear and higher level maps give you higher level gear.

What is a Revive Elixir?

If your Commander dies during a dungeon battle, it gives you the ability to revive them to full health and keep fighting. The Revive Elixirs are obtainable from chests and as PVP streak rewards.

Are all heroes capture-able or are some heroes only obtainable by summoning?

Not all heroes are currently capture-able but this is set to change.

How do I sell gear?

On the homepage, open your inventory and go to the gear section. Tap on the item and you will have the ability to sell it.


Do Passive skills stack?

Yes, but they reduce in effectiveness by a currently unknown amount per stacked ability.


I think I've found a bug! What do I do?

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