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Hall of Heroes Pack!
Powerful heroes make their return in the Hall of Heroes Pack!
Finish your perfect evolutions of heroes like Ryun Storm-Of-Vengeance, Norrec the Grim, or the MYTHIC The Serpent's Beloved!
This pack contains 1 mythic, 4 legendary, 11 epic, and 3 rare heroes!


  • Date: 2015-03-20, 2015-04-14
  • Summoning Cost:
    • x1: 300 Diamonds
    • x10: 2,750 Diamonds
  • Alias: Hall of Heroes

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon Mythic.pngIcon Cleric.pngThe Serpent's Beloved ?%
Icon Legendary.pngIcon Warrior.pngNorrec the Grim ?%
Icon Legendary.pngIcon Archer.pngRyun Storm-Of-Vengeance ?%
Icon Legendary.pngIcon Wizard.pngThe Lord of Fen ?%
Icon Legendary.pngIcon Warrior.pngRazorspine Hulker ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Knight.pngCompanion Lancer ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Wizard.pngCompanion Warmage ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Rogue.pngDenric the Dashing ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Cleric.pngFractured Mourner ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Rogue.pngJanuo the Stalwart ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Wizard.pngKharaz Devastator ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Rogue.pngMoonshadow ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Knight.pngPhoenix Beetle ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Warrior.pngRunewood Forester ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Warrior.pngTeresa the Vengeful ?%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Wizard.pngThe Grinner ?%
Icon Rare.pngIcon Cleric.pngLiashi Ancient One ?%
Icon Rare.pngIcon Warrior.pngSaurian Smasher ?%
Icon Rare.pngIcon Wizard.pngWinter Wolf ?%


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