New in HonorBound version 2.27.00:

  • "COMMANDER SUMMONING! Complete new Research to summon the 5 original commanders and 5 powerful new commanders!"
  • Commander Summoning requires Leadership 4 and uses Summoning Emblems. "Win Summoning Emblems by defeating enemies in missions or winning against other players in the Arena."
Time Affinity & Rarity Commander
70 5 days Icon Lunar.pngLunar
Icon Epic.pngEpic
Celestial Sage
70 5 days Icon Terra.pngTerra
Icon Epic.pngEpic
70 5 days Icon Abyss.pngAbyss
Icon Epic.pngEpic
Shadow Knight
70 5 days Icon Spirit.pngSpirit
Icon Epic.pngEpic
Spirit Sentinel
70 5 days Icon Primal.pngPrimal
Icon Epic.pngEpic
Sylvan Protector
700 14 days Icon Primal.pngPrimal
Icon Legendary.pngLegendary
Deadwood Dryad
700 14 days Icon Terra.pngTerra
Icon Legendary.pngLegendary
700 14 days Icon Spirit.pngSpirit
Icon Legendary.pngLegendary
Regent Halifax
700 14 days Icon Lunar.pngLunar
Icon Legendary.pngLegendary
700 14 days Icon Abyss.pngAbyss
Icon Legendary.pngLegendary

Original Commander descriptions:

  • "Summon the Celestial Sage, the last known Dragon Wizard, who commands the mysterious magics of the moon."
  • "Summon the Pyromancer, the battle-hardened daughter of flame who uses her burning claws in battle."
  • "Summon the Shadow Knight, the grim warrior of the Abyss who wields a greatsword as dark as night."
  • "Summon the Spirit Sentinel, the dogged defender of light that seeks to spread radiance to all the realm."
  • "Summon the Sylvan Protector, the sprite-like champion of nature that wields the mighty Greenwood Staff."

New Commander descriptions:

  • "Summon Deadwood Dryad, a prisoner of Madding Wind that seeks to rid the world of all life aside from plants."
  • "Summon Fireheart, the passionate revolutionary and anarchist that fights chaos in exchange for freedom from Madding Wind prison."
  • "Summon Regent Halifax, the hard-hearted warden of Madding Wind prison, who brings justice to all criminals."
  • "Summon Ripper, the nefarious and infamous prisoner who fights chaos to gain freedom from Madding Wind prison."
  • "Summon XIX, the tragic experimental being that has focused its unknown strengths towards the fight against chaos."
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