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Research unlocks upgrades and improves most elements of the game.



The tutorial walks the player through purchasing scholars to perform research. Up to 5 scholars can be acquired to perform research at the same time, with costs shown below. Scholars continue researching while the player is offline and the game sends a notification when research is complete. Research can be completed instantly by spending diamonds. The last 5 minutes of any research is free.
Scholar Cost
1 Free
2 50 Diamond
3 500 Diamond
4 1,000 Diamond
5 1,500 Diamond


There are 5 different categories of research:


Learn how to train the commander as well as everything related to coins, embers, essence, energy, mana and the shop.

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Research ranks, attributes and abilities for each hero class.

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Convert embers, coins, capture traps, and runes.

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Use 'Summoning Emblems' to research/summon the 5 original commanders and 5 new commanders.

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Research Treasure Maps to unlock gold mines, Strongboxes and Ancestral Knowledge volumes to unlock resources, and special items to progress the storyline forward.

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