A full squad contains 5 members: 4 heroes accompanying the commander. During your adventures, you will encounter heroes that can be captured to complement the strengths of your squad and maximize your abilities.

Many heroes possess a passive skill that benefits all members of your squad. If there more than one of the same kind of passive ability, the effects will stack, but do not appear to double in effect.

For general adventuring, creating a squad is as simple as sticking to an attack type, and placing heroes that will provide auras to buff the corresponding attack type.

  • A line-up of Physical attackers such as Archers, Rogues, and Warriors can overpower an enemy through brute force, killing off most of the enemy squad before they can even retaliate.
  • A line-up of Magic users with Clerics and Wizards will create an incantation fest, healing the squad and debilitating the enemy to remain at the advantage. The additional Mana granted by many Clerics synergizes well with the high Mana cost of a Wizard's skills.
  • Knights are more or less welcome in any squad composition, due to their ability to take hits for other Heroes and generally have a higher defense rating than any other class. Placing at least one knight in a squad is highly recommended to keep low-health heroes alive as well as providing additional utility through defensive auras to the rest of the squad.

Elemental affinity is a factor to consider as well. While mostly for aesthetic purposes, there is at least one Cleric Hero of each affinity that has the ability to amplify the damage of any member in the squad of the corresponding affinity by a percentage value.

When out on a Capture Adventure, it is ideal to take at least one Cleric to mitigate the damage taken from weakened, surviving enemies through healing or regeneration. A mix of high damage as well as medium damage classes of various levels are preferred to round out and knock an enemy to critical values in one strike, avoiding the chance of overkill or underkill through experimentation of attacks.

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