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  • Adding Hero Card Images
  • Categorizing Templates: Almost all the Templates, made by me and used throughout the entire site, are not categorized correctly.

Recent Works

  • Converting non-portable infoboxes into portable infoboxes
    • Infobox for character pages
    • Infobox for ablity pages
  • Deleting My Blog Pages: All the hero pages in my blog were drafts for the new page layout, made for the viewers' approval.
  • Deleteing "add me" comments:

Past Works

  • Changing the format of all the hero pages.
    • Changing the layout.
    • Adding the table for the resistances.


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Officially Unreleased

Resistances of cross-rarity heroes

Some cross-rarity heroes change the resistances at evolve level 3.
This is one of the reasons why the cross-rarity hero pages are separated by the rarity.

Resistances of Cross-Rarity Heroes.png

What to avoid

(…) Tables are great for organizing data but not ideal for making page layouts. Pages that use tables as layouts end up being a lot more inflexible, and difficult to display. (…)


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  • Tables on mobile
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Transclusion of templates

There are two way to use the wiki's templates:

  • Subclusion: One-time copying of a template's content to the destination. (Like those of document based PC applications.)
  • Transclusion: Including a template's content by reference. When the template is edited, all the pages that include it are edited too.

All hero pages in this wiki consist of transcluded templates.


Broken windows theory

"Consider a building with a few broken windows. If the windows are not repaired, the tendency is for vandals to break a few more windows."



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Undo Log


Streak Prize
1 250 Coins
3 1x Mega Battle Token
6 2x Bronze Rune
9 1x Arena Energy Pack
12 2x Silver Rune
15 3 VIP Points
18 1x Summoning Emblem
21 2x Silver Rune
24 1x Mega Battle Token
27 3 VIP Points
30 1x Arena Energy Pack
33 3x Silver Trap
36 5x VIP Points
39 1x Mega Battle Token
42 2x Summoning Emblem
45 3x Gold Trap
48 2x Revive Elixir
51 8x VIP Points
54 1x Elite Rune
57 100% Essence Refill
60 2x Summoning Emblem

Test: Table alternative
Icon Epic.pngIcon Warrior.pngHemuchin Oath-Keeper

Icon Evolve 1-1.pngStat:1.5x| Point:2x| Time:+20s

Icon Evolve 2-2.pngStat:1.5x| Point:2x| Time:+20s

Test: Icon & text in 1 cell

Icon Slashing.png−2,500  Icon Slashing.png−2,500 

Test: Preview on mobiles
Icon Mythic.pngMythicIcon Legendary.pngLegendaryIcon Epic.pngEpicIcon Rare.pngRareIcon Uncommon.pngUncommonIcon Common.pngCommon