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Having lost their home, the Valiant Company roams the lands offering their services to combat the forces of Chaos!
These heroic mercenaries are offering their services, and the services of their leader, to you!
Evolve a 4-star version of Norrec and you will be rewarded with Iselde the Lionheart, our first Mythic hero!


  • Date: 2014-11-26 + ? days
  • Summoning Cost:
    • x1: 450 Diamonds
    • x10: 4,000 Diamonds

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon Epic.pngIcon Rogue.pngJanuo the Stalwart 4%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Wizard.pngRaeka the Mage-Knight 4%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Cleric.pngCaelrick the Kind 7%
Icon Epic.pngIcon Rogue.pngVaerette the Sly 10%
Icon Rare.pngIcon Archer.pngValiant Sharpshooter 10%
Icon Rare.pngIcon Wizard.pngValiant Magus 20%
Icon Rare.pngIcon Cleric.pngValiant Chaplain 25%
Icon Rare.pngIcon Rogue.pngValiant Man-At-Arms 20%


Icon Mythic.pngIcon Warrior.pngIselde the Lionheart
Icon Legendary.pngIcon Warrior.pngNorrec the Grim


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