Map What Once Was Lost


"Journey into the desolation of the Crystal Sea and confront their leader, Derrick the Silent."
A mission unlocked after completing the mission: Reign of Silence. Added in the version 2.16.47 (Aug 09, 2014)
  • Number of Areas: 7
  • Next Mission(s): Cataclysm


  1. Into the Darkness (Recommended Level: 96-98)
  2. Below the Surface (Recommended Level: 98-100)
  3. The Iron Road (Recommended Level: 100)
  4. The Deepest Road (Recommended Level: 100)
  5. The Crystal Empire (Recommended Level: 100)
  6. The Meeting Place (Recommended Level: 100)
  7. Old Hatreds (Recommended Level: 100)
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